Say No to Obamacare Like Takeover of Professional Sports

Damaging the Sport

If HR 44 Passes, mixed martial arts action sports industry is weakened

Enlists government bureaucrats to rank athletes

Turns a thriving free market system into a government mandated system

Puts government into the mixed martial arts business

Increases more bureaucracy/causes delays in competition

Shifts power to government bureaucratic boards over the athletes and their agents

Increases trial lawyer driven 
frivolous litigation

Make your Voice Heard

Would you want government setting the schedule for professional football, baseball or basketball?

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HR 44 is unacceptable, please click the link below to reach your Representative in Congress to let them know your opinion.

Representative Kristi Noem

Bill Authors

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Several Congressman support a federal bill (HR 44) that transforms the growing and vibrant mixed martial arts (MMA) action sport industry into a government and union controlled system like the rigged and corrupt boxing system.

HR 44 expands the “Muhammad Ali Expansion Act” which is an outdated set of laws that has further ruined the boxing industry since enacted, while not stopping corruption and providing less opportunities 
for its athletes.

20 major conservative groups like the American Conservative Union and Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute has stated, “This misguided legislation is yet another unfortunate and unneeded regulatory power grab that will stifle the dynamic innovation and success of MMA”

“The MMA is a huge success because of good old fashioned American ingenuity and entrepreneurship along with healthy dose of hard work,” Said the George Landrith, President of the Frontier for Freedom 
in the Daily Caller.

Decreases athlete’s bout compensation

Decreased athlete’s sponsorship compensation

Increases in ticket prices and pay-per-view fees

Make Your Voice Heard!